Canada is the world`s second largest country consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is sparely populated with only 35million inhabitants. The country is organized as federal state with a parliamentary democracy and  and a  capital is Ontario and the largest city is Toronto. Most people live in a few metropolitan areas in the southern parts of canada. Principal languages are English and in the province of Quebec French. It is one of the world's wealthiest nations and has one of the world's highest quality of life. The economy is mainly driven by immense amounts of commodities and oil and gas resources. Canada is a traditional immigration country and offers one of the oldest and most reputable immigration through investment program in the worlds. Please find more information about Canada here.

Main Advantages

  • Stable political, justice, economic and social environment, excellent educational and health system,
  • Canada has a long history of proven multicultural integration and diversity.
  • Upon approval a permanent residence permit will be issued and quick path to citizenship is possible
  • Easy access to the US
  • Large framework of international tax treaties


  • With proper planning in advance a 5 year tax holiday is possible for immigrants. Assets must be transferred to a foreign immigration trust. Its foreign source income is not taxable in Canada.
  • Income tax: Progressive from 15% to 29% federal tax adding a provincial tax which can be anywhere from 0% to 24% (deductions apply), depending on the province (tax credits apply). You can find the current tax rates for Quebec here.
  • Capital Gain Tax: Only 50% of gain is included as income for tax purposes 
  • Inheritance tax: Income earned by the deceased is taxed on final return (exemptions apply)

Cost of Living

  • Cost of living is lower than in most European countries. Prices for housing vary a lot depending on location. A 1BR appartment in Montreal can be found under 950USD/month and purchase prices start at 250.000USD. You can find detailled information here.

Program Overview & Requirements

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program allows for a relatively fast way to citizenship within 9 to 12 months (as compared to federal programs that can take serveral years).

  •  The investor needs a capital of CAD 800,000 (about 700.000USD) which is invested in a five-year, zero-interest, government-guaranteed Quebec term note. Is supports Quebec-based businesses, creating jobs and fostering economic growth. Investors in this program must initially be destined for Quebec. The investment will be returned about five years later without interest.
  • Investor must have at least 2 years of business experience. Investor must have owned a company at least 2 years out of the last 5 years. Or investor must show at least 2 years of management experience as an employee
  • A legally obtained net worth of at least 1.6million CAD must be proven. Net worth must have been accumulated through the operation, control or management of either an industrial or commercial business. Inherited assets also count as legally obtained (conditions apply).
  • Enough funding to sustain yourself and dependants after your arrival in Canada must be shown.
  • At least 35 out of 100 points in the selection grid must be achieved (education, business experience, age, English/French skills, adaptability)
  • Pass of medical exams, criminal background check and certain other requirements of the Quebec immigration regulation.

If investors are able to meet the net worth criteria but do not wish to liquidate assets in order to provide the 800.000CAD needed for the mandatory deposit we can provide financing through different Canadian banks. The so called Loan Option allows investors to deposit only about 220.000CAD and to borrow the remainder. Investors pay a one time financing fee, there are no monthly fees, the current interest rate is less than 5%. 


  • Residents can apply for Canadian Citizenship after only three years