The Hellenic Republic is located in southeastern Europe bordering Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia. Greece is a EU member since 1981 and also part of the Euro zone. Also Greece is member of a multitude of international organizations such as NATO, OECD and others The official language is Greek. The climate is mediteranean with mild winters. Greece has over 3000 islands and tourism is one of the most important industries. Traditionally Greece is also strong in the shipping sector and oil/gas exploration rises constantly. Please find more information here.

Main Advantages

  • Greece is a Schengen and EU country. Easy entry into most European and Commonwealth countries without the need for a visa. As a resident it is easier to get admission to European universities.
  • Comprehensive tax treaty network
  • Popular holiday destination


  • Greek tax law is complex. Please contact us for individual advice. Information on our website will be updated soon

Cost of Living

  • Cost of living is highly dependant on the location. While the rent for a 1BR appartment in Athens can be lower than 7000€/year and purchase prices start at 130.000€. Popular holiday destinations such as Mykonos can be considerably more expensive You can find more details here


Greece recently introduced a new program which allows to gain a 5 year renewable residence permit with the acquisition of property for a minimum of 250.000€. We offer a selection of exclusive properties that have been approved for the Golden Visa program. Please click to get more information.

  • Medical insurance issued by licencsed insurance company for all family members
  • Ownership of real estate property in Greece with a market value of €250000

Click to download information on renewable 5 year residence permit investment scheme

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