United States of America


The United States of America remain one of the most wanted immigration and investor destinations in the world.  The US is one of the world`s largest country inhabitat by about 315 million people. The US still has the world`s largest national economy and it is still the leading economic, military political and cultural force in the world. As one of the most established democracies  the American way of life promotes individual freedom and opportunities. Also US universities and business schools are among the best in the world and are attractive for lots of immigrants. Please find more general information here.

Main Advantages

  • Access to leading education and medical facilities
  • Individual freedom, leading economy, investor friendly business climate
  • Dual citizenship is recognized; Visa free travel to many countries


  • Taxation is highly dependent on the federal state. Also for most wealthy individuals a permanent resident/green card status is not the best option from a taxation point of view.  
  • Some US states are especially popular for company formations. E.g. there is no corporate income tax if you are incorporated in the state of Delaware if you do not conduct business in this state. 

Cost of Living

Cost of living is highly dependant on the exact place of residence. Please find more information about your preferred destination here.


There are several programs to obtain  permanent resident status, the so called Green card status. The most commonly know one is the green card lottery (Diversity Visa Program). EB-1 to EB-4 Visas are given to persons of national interest, highly skilled managers, scientists and professors and qualified workers. Please note that for wealthy individuals and families alternatives to a green card may be preferable. Find more information about this here.

  • The immigration through Investment programme is called EB 5. It is the most efficient way to acquire a green card status. The applicant must invest 1 million USD (500.000USD in a rural area/area with high unemployment) into a new commercial enterprise and must create at least 10 new full time jobs. The funds have to stay invested and be at risk until after about 4 years a permanent resident status is issued. There are no requirements to age, language etc. but the accredited investor must have a net worth of more than 1 million USD which has to be legally obtained which includes inheritance.
  • The Regional Center Program allows applicants to invest about 500.000USD into a designated Regional Center project, thereby becoming a limited partner in that Regional Center`s new enterprise. Investors can therefor create indirectly ten job instead of hiring 10 employees himself. As the investment is managed and faciliated by the Regional Center the applicant can live and work anywhere in the US. Applicants must prrove a networth of 1 million USD and remain in the USA for at least 180 days/year.


After 7 years of permanent residence a US citizenship is possible. Dual citizenship is allowed. Children born in the US are automatically US citizens.