General Information on Residence Planning

Please take note that the information on this webpage is for informational purposes only and can in no way seen as legal advice that we are liable for. In order to find the best way for your relocation it is recommended to contact our experts to assess your individual situation and needs. 

There may be other forms of obtaining a residence permit such as the application for regular work permits and/or getting invited by a company. Our core competence though is to advise clients that need to consider tax issues and/or look for a fast way to change their residence. Often obtaining a residence permit is possible by a (real estate) investment program or subscription to a tenancy agreement.

If you are currently a citizen of a Schengen/EU/EFTA signatory country and want to move to another Schengen/EU/EFTA signatory country, you can relocate with less effort. Also at times there may be special regulations that may prevent citizens to relocate to another country. Examples for this are France and Monaco or China and Hong Kong. 

We chose our residence programs by a multitude of factors that include fiscal and legal factors. But we also consider cost, overall security, standart of living, cultural offering and the presence of an international environment. We can still help you though if you want to relocate to a country we have not listed.