Moving to Switzerland

Switzerland has one of highest living standards in the world and hence is a very attractive residence location. In order to move and stay in Switzerland, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit or work permit. As a rule, Swiss authorities are willing to grant a residence permit to foreign citizens, subject to the organizations they own business in which they will work

Receiving a permit in Switzerland

Before you apply for a residence permit, it is advisable to analyze all aspects of your move to Switzerland in order to discuss them with the cantonal authorities in advance, in the so-called "complex solutions ":

  • Prepare a draft of your business in accordance with the requirements of the authorities,
  • To prepare the documents necessary for obtaining a residence permit
  • Refer to the cantonal authorities for obtaining residency for you and your family.

We are ready to develop and implement such a complex solution in conjunction with your business project. We work closely with the administrative structures that are relevant to the preparation of documents, and can guarantee an optimal transmission of documents, both cantonal and federal levels. As a rule, the decision to grant a residence permit is accepted in within three months.

Activities requiring special permits

Some of the activities in Switzerland, require special permits (licenses or patents):

  • Maintenance of banking, insurance and investment
  • Work in hotels and restaurants (only in some Cantons)
  • The provision of medical services (doctors' office, including dental, and pharmacists)
  • Conducting advocacy
  • The activity in some sectors of trade and services (eg sale of alcohol)

Foreign nationals may obtain the necessary permits and engage in licensed activities, if they have permission to stay and work in Switzerland. However, for certain types of activities obtaining the necessary license is only possible after five years of residence in the country. One of the main problems in obtaining the appropriate licenses is the recognition of diplomas.