Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern tip of Spain. Gibraltar governs its own affiars though some powers such as defence and foreign relations remain the responsibility of the UK Government. It is only 6.8 sqkm in size and densely populated with about 30.000 inhabitants. While Gibraltar has a small international airport Malaga, Spain offers much more flights. The economy is mainly based on financial services, tourism, online gaming and shipping. Currency is the the Gibraltar pound which is 1:1 to the British pound which are also accepted. Gibraltar is an international financial centre within the European Union complying with all EU Directives and regulations it makes it an ideal location to passport services into the EU and for cross border trade having the added advantage of being outside of the VAT (value added tax) zone. Gibraltar is a politically stable country with a business friendly culture and with English as its main language and a legal system modelled on the UK.  Please find more information here.

Main Advantages

  • Low tax regime
  • Residence permits are indefinite (have to be endorsed by the Gibraltar Finance Centre every three years)
  • No minumum investment required
  • No minumum stay required (in practice it is not recommendable to stay more than 183 days in another jurisdiction)


  • There is a minumum tax liability of about 14.000 Gibraltar Pounds (22.000USD)
  • Income Tax: thre is an income tax on the first 50.000 Gibraltar Pounds of assessable income (80.000USD)
  • Gapital Gain Tax: None
  • Inheritance Tax: None
  • Gift Tax: None
  • Wealth / Net Worth Tax: None
  • Gibraltar’s tax system makes it particularly well-placed to host certain types of business; for example, companies that hold shares in other group companies, hold investments, or own intellectual property.  This is because the income of such companies is typically going to be dividends, interest, capital gains or royalties, and those income streams are generally not taxed in Gibraltar

Cost of Living

  • The cost of living is reasonable in Gibraltar. The rent of a 1BR appartment is about 18.000USD/year and purchase prices start under 500.000USD. See details here.


  • Residence can be obtained by a real estate investment
  • or subscription to a tenancy agreement
  • applicant must evidence wealth in excess of 2 million Gibraltar pounds (3 million USD).