The Portuguese Republic is located in South-Western Europe on the Iberian Peninsula facing the Atlantic. It reaches from the subtropical islands of the Azores and the flower island of Madeira to the mountaineous Alentejo and peaks of the Serra da Estrela. The country`s climate is among the warmest in Europe. Portugal is a popular tourist destinations, which is not only famous for the spectacular Algarve beaches but also for world class golf courses and watersports. Agriculture is an important sector, most famous is the Port wine. Portugal has a very rich and long history and offers a vast amount of sightseeing opportunities and a rich cultural program. Please find more information here.

Main Advantages

  • Portugal is a Schengen and EU country. Easy entry into most European and Commonwealth countries without the need for a visa. As a resident it is easier to get admission to European universities.
  • Comprehensive tax treaty network; Euro member
  • Popular holiday destination and world class golf courses
  • Dependant children over 18 can apply also. Children born in Portugal have the right to apply for Portugues nationality


  • Portuguese tax law is complex. Please contact us for individual advice. Information on our website will be updated soon

Cost of Living

  • Cost of living is dependant on the location. While the rent for a 1BR appartment in Lisboa can be lower than 6000€/year and purchase prices start at 120.000€. Popular holiday destinations on the Algarve can be considerably more expensive You can find more details here


The Golden Residence Permit has been introduced in 2012. Currently there 3 ways of qualifying for a 5 year residence permit. All investment must be maintained for a minumum of 5 years. The visa is issued for one year and renewed every 2 years after if the investment is maintained.


  1. Acquisition of any property with a value of more than 500.000€
    • Acquisition must be completed for the application for a residency permit
    • Properties must be free from any open charges or mortgages
    • Co-ownership schemes possible, each co-owner must invest a minumum of 500.000€
    • Property value over 500.000€ can be financed.
    • Properties acquired can be rented and let for commerical, agricultural and tourism purposes
  2. Transfer of at least 1 million € into any business or bank deoposit. Please contact us for details on our investment plans
  3. Creation of a minimum of 10 permanent jobs

In addition valid travel documents, birth certificates, proof of health insurance and a clear criminal record are required. Investors must have a valid (tourist) Schengen Visa and the permanence in Portugal has to be legalized within 90 days of entry into national territory. For children over 18 a document prooving dependency on their parents has to be produced.

Investors must stay a minimum of 7 days in Portugal in the first year, and a minimum of 14 days in the following periods.