Wealth Management

Corporate Services

We also provide a full range of corporate services for companies:

  • Domicilation services for companies including the provision of registered offices, directors and shareholders
  • Company formation and founding in all key jurisdictions
  • Special solutions for clients that engage in international commercial transactions that requires the administration of complex corporate structures. These can include intellectual property and holding investments.

Trust Services

A trust is structured as a triangular relationship whereby a settlor transfers assets to a trustee who is then under a fiduciary obligation to deal with and hold such assets for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. The trustee becomes the legal owner of the trust assets, although this ownership is limited by the equitable interest of the beneficiaries. We advise our clients on the creation, structuring, implementation and administration of trusts.

Main motivations for the creation of a private trust are:

  • Flexibility
  • Tax Optimization
  • Asset Holding and Protection
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Confidentiality 

Accounting Services

With our corporate and financial accounting services we continue to support our clients with operative companies as well as on- and offshore structures. We provide

  • Financial accounting including periodic financial reportings, consolidation, audit preparation, budgeting and planning and cash flow calculations
  • Tax services including tax returns, VAT declarations, reclaims of witholding tax and tax at source declarations 
  • Personnel administration services such as payroll processing and social security declarations

Escrow Services

In order to increase security, speed and confidence for our clients with international business deals we provide escrow services as an independent trusted third party. Escrow arrangement can be used effectively to ensure closing actions in M&A deals or to retain some proportion of the pruchase price in escrow during a certain guarantee period to secure claims from the other party. The escrow agent receives and disburses money, documents and/or shares to several parties within the agreed timing of such disbursement. In order to ensure smooth and correct transactions we work together with major international institutions.