Citizenship Planning

Prinz von Preussen is a leading specialist in citizenship planning. We advise our clients on all legal possibilities and programs currently available for acquiring alternative citizenship and legally obtaining a second passport. We analyze each client's situation carefully, point out the available options, develop a plan of action and make it happen. We deal with government procedures quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

Dual Citizenship

Dual (or multiple) citizenship is the result of the interaction of the laws of two or more countries. People can become dual citizens automatically by birth within a certain territory (e.g. the United States), descent from a citizen parent, or marriage, or after successfully applying for the citizenship of another country. You can become a citizen of another country without losing your current citizenship only if the laws of the country of your current citizenship allow dual/multiple citizenship. While many countries have no restrictions on dual citizenship, and while there is an international tendency to move away from strict single-citizenship policies, there are still important exceptions. Singapore, for example, is a strict single-citizenship country and will require proof of relinquishment of all other citizenships the applicant holds. Singaporean citizenship is consequently of limited interest to most international clients

Acquiring alternative Citizenship

Principal grounds for acquiring citizenship are birth within a certain territory, descent from a citizen parent, marriage to a citizen, and naturalization. The conditions under which the privilege of grant of citizenship or naturalization is given vary from state to state, but family relationships or lengthy periods of residence are usually essential, besides character and other requirements such as knowledge of the national language.

Citizenship by Investment

While residence permits are granted to investors and wealthy individuals in most countries, there are now only very few countries which have clear provisions in their laws for granting citizenship for economic considerations and without residence requirements. Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Singapore, Switzerland, Monaco and the Bahamas are examples of countries which offer residence permits to wealthy individuals and investors. Other countries offer Citizenship-by-Investment Programs, sometimes also referred to as Economic Citizenship Programs. There are currently only three countries which offer legal and clearly defined programs on a statutory basis. These are Austria, the Commonwealth of Dominica and St. Kitts & Nevis. Citizenship-by-Investment Programs offer you the opportunity to legally acquire a  new  citizenship  quickly  and  simply,  without  any disruptions  to  your life.


A main motivation for obtaining a second passport is the tax issue, which is of great concern to everyone, as tax regimes have the potential of suffocating or promoting the profitability of a business.  Holding a second passport of a country that does not impose tax on international income, that has suitable anti-double tax agreements and close trading relations with other countries can be ideal for expanding business.  Taxation levels also affect disposable income, the ability to survive on a day to day basis, to meet monthly obligations and pursue self-development and prosperity.  Nothing is wrong with seeking a better life through a second passport.  This is what freedom of choice means, and if ensuring that your family does not go through the hardship or challenges that you faced requires applying for a second passport, then do so.